The Mainstream

The Mainstream is an international band with members from across the globe. From classical to hip-hop and rock to acoustic, The Mainstream incorporates pieces of all styles into an eclectic musical mix creating a fresh and diverse musical flavor.

The vision behind the name The Mainstream consists of different musical tributaries flowing together into a main river (or stream). The Mainstream has created most of their songs on their new album “The Beauty in the Mundane” through sharing files online, recording their parts separately over different time zones, while always managing to communicate with each other via internet instant messaging. Their new album, “The Beauty in the Mundane” consists of thirteen original songs, mixed by Manfred Faust (Tokio Hotel, Ramstein) and mastered by Busy (Seed, Silbermond, Peter Fox etc.).

The group is in the process of booking a world tour, which includes stops in China, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, California and Germany.

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