Bach and the Chinese Dragon

This show is a blend of East and West, old and modern, tradition and progress. J. S. Bach and Kaiser Kangxi are a perfect example. Both figures lived at the same time of history and shaped its own cultures prevail.

Worn by Bach's music, a dance developed from the Baroque to modernity. The framework, as a journey through Chinese Cultural history form, stage and screen projection. Music, history and culture are so tangible and alive. Their influence on our world today is so powerful and persistent as "The Legend".

I. JS Bach - "father" of classical music from the most famous family of music history
powerful figure in the history of Western culture

II. Kangxi Emperor of China's most popular ("The Son of the Dragon") longest reign in history ("The Power of the Dragon") known for its commitment to culture and Education (Through policy and protection of the people addition)


III. Emperor Kangxi - the first Chinese at the harpsichord East and West come together
Emotions through music are universal Bach and his contemporaries make Kangxi successive

IV. The Power of the Dragon lives by the Story
The spirit of the music remains and erehalten